Why FullFeel

                                   FullFeel is the first online marketplace in the state of Utah exclusively destined to local and small food producers and consumers.

No matter if you sell homemade meals, bake breads in your house, or grow ingredients in your backyard, you are more than welcome to join us.  On the other hand, if you are just a consumer looking for fresh, healthier, and less-artificial food, here, you will be able to find who and what is being sold in your neighborhood!


Own your store with your identity

Here you will be free to manage your store however you want. Products, prices, promotions, operations, and so on are all up to you! We just want to help you spread your business and give you the tools to improve it.

Receive your payments through the platform

Third party apps are no longer required. Let your customers pay right after they have placed an order in a quick and simple way!

Measure your perfomance

Explore your high tech dashboard. Every vendor at FullFeel has full access to a dashboard that provides essential data such as orders, sales, and graphs that help you manage your business and assess how it is doing.

Connect with your customers

Now your customers can subscribe to your store. Once subscribed, you improve your relationship with your customers by allowing them to know your new offerings and deals!


Find many alternatives near your house

Check it out here who is selling  fresh meals and homemade products near your place. 

Feel safe when choosing your vendor

Ratings and reviews are directly available on each vendor’s profile. Check other’s people feedback and make sure you will receive what you expect!

Make secure payments

Make your payments through our platform and be sure that we are backing you up. Your money is 100% secured by us and we make sure to hold your payment until you have gotten your order.

Have a seamless customer experience

It is no longer needed to message vendors, ask for prices, search for review, place an order, and then pay through other apps. With just a few clicks, you can quickly decide and conclude your purchase confidently.