We are building an online marketplace for local food where culinary lovers that want to sell their recipes can find those who seek fresh, homemade taste.

Who we are

Founded by an University of Utah student and an experienced businessman, FullFeel is the new online marketplace that helps food vendors perform at their best and enhance the experience of food enthusiasts.


Our project started after one of our founders realized that the access to fresh, homemade, prepared food was very difficult. Most of the time, this type of food can be rarely seen on social media, hidden in the “diverse” section of marketplaces. Similarly, friends and other people would acknowledge the fact that it is hard to find food produced locally and, inevitably, most them would resort to fast food chains to eat in a daily basis. After a little research, our founder surprisingly realized that a lot of people are already commercializing some of their recipes and products. Latin culinary, bakery, seafood, and fresh ingredients are just some of the options available out there.


And although each option has its uniqueness, they all share the same problem: lack of assistance. Struggling to promote their businesses, inconvenient logistics/operation, unprofessional management, and the inexistence of a proper marketplace are problems that almost every food vendor face. At the end, most of the time, the outcome is the same: the vendors end up being responsible for every single step of their businesses. Spreading the word, taking orders, and still making sure that their businesses are sustainable make the vendors’ routine extremely exhausting and stressful.


FullFeel was born to converge the solutions to those problems to one setting where vendors have an identity, perform better, and their relationship with customers is seamless and dynamic.

Our mission

By improving the vendors’ working process and signaling the existence of the local food market, we from FullFeel do believe we can change our society.

We aim much more than a popular webpage. We want to make an impact in our neighbors’ lives by generating opportunities, reducing food insecurity, increasing community engagement, and encouraging the American people to have a more nutritious eating habit.